Atlanta Garage Doors – 2 Most Common Problems and How To Fix Them

A garage door is operated almost on a daily basis and is bound to wear and tear due to continuous usage over time. It is of utmost importance to understand your garage door problems and tend to it on an immediate basis. Neglecting them can be very dangerous and cause potential harm to you and your family as well. It is always better to call on professional help like that from a reputable Atlanta garage door repair company which are equipped with the required skill and tools to attend to any issues you might face with your garage door. Visit us at:

Some of the problems due to which your garage door might not work properly are….


These are one heck of a problem when it comes to any problem pertaining to your garage door. One must be cautious that even a very small issue with the springs can be a big problem if not attended or replaced on time. The major problem is of wearing of the springs.

You will see that all of a sudden your garage door is falling rapidly when getting closed and is not closing smoothly any more. This might be a case of a worn out spring. The spring is the part which bears the entire weight of the door and thus has a lot of tension accumulated in it. If the door is forcefully released then it can be dangerous. Fixing it is not a layman’s job and one should cautiously refrain from doing it either. This garage door repair company in Atlanta give repair solutions to any torsion or extension spring problem for the garage door.

Rusted movable parts:

Another issue might be of some weird noises your door will make while rolling up or down. This might be due to rust or friction. On an immediate basis you need to lubricate some of the moving parts just to see that if the noises have reduced or not. Lubricating with powdered graphite or some lubricating spray is good option. You must also check on to the condition of the springs and cables, whether they are rusted or not.

If even upon lubrication, the noises have not stopped then you must consider repairing some movable parts like pulleys and rollers. All these have a definite life span and must be repaired upon they reach their expiration. Neglecting this can lead to further aggravation of the problem. Make sure that you get the spare parts from a certified garage door Atlanta Ga repair services provider. They have easy access to authentic spare parts and skilled technicians to do the replacement job.

Most local repair companies in and across Atlanta provide services 24*7 and are abreast or skilled in handling any issues pertaining to garage doors. Fixing a problem sometimes seems easy but you are never too sure about it. For a temporary basis you might end up finding a solution for the problem but what if it was just not done the right way?

So, in order to avoid mishaps, do call on to professional help and keep your garage door operating safely. To see the only Atlanta garage door company that I recommend for all your needs click here.

If you have other questions surrounding garage doors in the Atlanta area go here. There you will get in depth information about FAQ, quick fixes, instructional videos, and more.

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